Суд Пномпеня приговорил гражданина Китая к 7 годам тюрьмы

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Суд Пномпеня приговорил гражданина Китая к 7 годам тюрьмы

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12-го ноября утром, муниципальный суд Пномпеня приговорил гражданина Китая к 7 годам тюрьмы за изнасилование дочери своего друга.
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This morning, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced a Chinese national to 7 years in prison for the rape of his friend's daughter. Mr. Yi Moden, APLE Deputy Director of Field Operations, said after the verdict was issued: “Today’s verdict means justice for the girl because the court found Lou Chin Tong guilty, despite the girl being emotionally distressed and at times incapable to testify. For the court, the additional testimonies from three witnesses were sufficient to accept the girl’s claim,” adding that “We have lately seen a worrying trend of children being molested and raped when their parents are absent for work; committed by perpetrators who far too often use alcohol as an excuse for their outrageous and unacceptable behavior. Punishing the perpetrators is one thing, but there is a task for the government to educate parents, caretakers and community members to be more responsible and to take precautions.”
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