Транспортный налог, последний Срок до 30 ноября

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Транспортный налог, последний Срок до 30 ноября

Непрочитанное сообщение allaboutcambo » 14 ноя 2015, 20:38

The General Department of Taxation of Ministry of Economy and Finance is now starting to sell out its 2015 Annual Road Tax Stickers to all type of the vehicles and motorcycles owners starting from August till the end of November this year. After this, the penalty will be starting, and you will be stopped by the policemen and/or local authorities.

We are offering this business at the very reasonable, and fast services. We are mainly focusing on the foreign private companies, embassies, NGO, OI and UN agencies for whom are staying, working and/or living in Phnom Penh and own the vehicle(s) or motorcyles and has no times to go and get it personally from its office.

For your further information about the processing and the documents required, please kindly go through the below-mentioned details:

1. Vehicle Registration ID Card in original,
2. Bring along with you the Original Passport
3. Copy Annual Inspection Certificate

Regarding to the price, it depends on your last year sticker plus the service charge!

Our girl staff at Lyna-Garage.Com’s office, Miss Sreyboeb will help you in this matter.

Should you require any further information and/or any either personal or official assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your disposal.

* You should keep the Annual Road Tax Receipt from the previous year safely and bring it along with you to our office. In case, you had lost it, they will charge or fine you double and plus. Moreover, they will require a car to be driven to the place and take time to get the Annual Road Tax Sticker.
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